100 Effed Music Startups (+100 more)


Digital Music news recently posted a list of 100 fucked Music Companies all of which have died, or are on the brink of death in the last 5-10 years. This was surprisingly a (little) hard to take in- as a large part of my early career, and a large part of my daily life was about music. At the time, I was working at various digital music and entertainment startups, and was completely engulfed in the creativity that was starting to happen with music discovery and recommendations, scrobblers, and personalized playlists.

I still have screenshots of the mixwit and muxtape mixes I would make and send to friends.

After spending some time walking down memory lane and looking on some old hard drives, I discovered about 100 more startups that belong in the music graveyard, and perhaps 50+ more that will be there within the next 5 years. Most disturbing were emails I found from sites like Imeem, Seeqpod, mixtwit and muxtape after they were forced to shutdown.

Some sites still have a small presence online-others have gone in another direction and haven’t looked back.

If you’re left wondering why and how this all happened- and why the industry has fallen to its death, you can read an earlier post, The Day the Music Died





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